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While battling debilitating Lyme disease, I discovered the healing process that painting had on my recovery during my many visits to Überlingen, Germany. Almost one decade later, painting has served as a healing and coping mechanism during the uncertain times of Covid-19. Not until the lockdown of 2020 did I decide to dedicate a great deal of my time and energy to this incredible form of healing expression. Through much coercion and thoughtful deliberation, I decided to open up my private life and expose my works of art to a wider audience on-line and by participating in various art gallery exhibitions. 

In this Meditative Art series, I've created various works with a strong focus on color while listening to 432Hz music frequencies.  432 vibrations per second generate greater clarity and helps relax the body and mind.  This universe resonates on an infinite number of frequencies, but 432Hz resonates more with nature.  Subconsciously incorporating my academic studies in color theory and the mental and emotional effects psychology of color plays in our lives greatly influenced my choices in this series.  

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