I AM...

      PAIGE                                BOLLER


As an Artist, my style has been described as abstract expressionism often intertwined with figurative elements. My time spent studying at Christies and working at Sotheby's offered personal experiences with some master pieces that are in private collections not even to be seen even in Museums      Designing, painting, sketching, molding and studying many forms of Art in America and Europe has encompassed my life since the '90's. Before that I watched, in awe, as my paternal great grandmother and maternal grandmother created masterpieces. 


As a child, my grandmother always had an assortment of paint and art supplies waiting for me to dive into exploring different mediums and techniques. In my youth, I was heavily inspired by my great grandmother’s extreme craftsmanship; her ability to teach her master skills to her followers; and the numerous awards that graced her shelves. Today, during these difficult and uncertain times, I am inspired by the magical forests, in Washington Depot, CT surrounding and protecting me.  Litchfield County is a special artists enclave full of creative opportunities with a place to seek refuge and recharge from an active life in New York City.


My inner life weaves throughout most of my paintings so I often struggle to fit the size of my emotions on a single canvas. Encounters, relationships and my overwhelmingly sensitive nature, which heightens all of my experiences, can be a double edge sword at times.  Allowing my paintbrush to move with emotions from the depths of my subconscious forces me to expose great vulnerability.  As a result my paintings take advantage of their innate ambiguity and my conscious is often left with cultivating the meaning, releasing and recognizing any pain or pleasure in the process with mindfulness and respect. 


Collectors and followers of my works of art have expressed various emotions from overwhelming joy, thoughtful contemplation, unexplained tears and an awakening of the psyche.  I hope to arouse the viewers curiosity to explore my art within themselves.