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 I AM...

      PAIGE                                BOLLER


As a multidisciplinary artist for over 30 years, my style has been described as abstract expressionism. I draw inspiration for my art through years of multifaceted life experiences, my deep connection to music and my emotion to color.​  My inner life weaves throughout most of my paintings so I often struggle to fit the size of my emotions on a single canvas. Encounters, relationships and my overwhelmingly sensitive nature, which heightens all of my experiences, can be a double edge sword at times.  Allowing my paintbrush to move with emotions from the depths of my subconscious forces me to expose great vulnerability.  Each painting, enriched with meaning yet at times camouflaged, takes advantage of its innate ambiguity and my conscious is often left with cultivating an interpretation, releasing and recognizing any pain or pleasure in the process with mindfulness and respect. I always encourage viewers to expound their own meaning and explore my art from within. 

Looking back at my childhood, I was heavily inspired by two very special women in my life, my mother and my great grandmother. My mother found such peace and serenity helping others. She was awarded volunteer of the year by various philanthropic organizations and invited me to join her in many worthy causes. My mother provided opportunities where I found my curiosity guided by empathy and a deep desire to be of service to something greater than myself.  My great grandmother opened my eyes to art and activated my creative streak at a very young age.  My great grandmother always had an assortment of paint and art supplies waiting for me to experiment and explore different mediums and techniques. I was in awe by her extreme craftsmanship; her ability to teach her master skills to her followers; and the numerous awards that graced her shelves. I can't imagine a life absent of art and creative expression and nor could she.


My never-ending eagerness to live beyond my borders, a desire to experience other cultures and my need to pursue my creative curiosity led me to spending years studying and working in art and design in both Europe and America.  My time spent at Christie's and Sotheby's offered personal experiences with many incredible masterpieces. With the knowledge that these works could end up in private collections I treasured every minute allowed before they reached the auction floor.  I feel the auction houses gave me a unique perspective when blended with my studies, global travels and native upbringing in South Texas near the Mexican border.

Today, I paint in both Washington Depot, CT and Red Hook Brooklyn, NY.  Both are special artists enclaves full of creative opportunities where I am able to seek refuge and recharge from my active life in New York City.  

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