"This gives me chills.  For the last year I've been going through some intense therapy and this is basically my brain, spirit and soul right in front of my face. I have literally never been so blown away." (Let Freedom Ring ) - J.M.K.

"I get a hit from most of your work.  I think why it resonates with me so much is that there seems to be flow in so many of them, as in fluidity that represents a journey more than a stagnant or stuck position.  The colors are just beautiful.  I seriously feel moved by your beautiful work."  (Revolving Door) - J.K.

"I don't study art except in my heart, but I do know that your pieces speak to me!" - M.K.

"This reminds me of a map I saw when I got my DNA test results, subsequently connecting with my biological mother.  The roar.  The danger of the lions roar to my spirit, heart and mind... this is a powerful image for me.  I cannot tell you how much I see in your art.  It sounds dramatic, but it's like years of therapy painted right before me.  I absolutely love it.  Thank you so much for being brave enough to share." (King Queen of the Jungle) - T.X.J.M.

"From when we first met I knew there was magic in you but you had yet to unearth.You are discovering the beauty within that so many of us have known about." - J.M.

"Every single one... I absolutely feel and love every single one of your paintings.  I know nothing about art, and don't care to... I don't know the right technical things to say... but I know when I see something that dives into my soul and moves around.  Your paintings do that for me.  Thank you so much for sharing." (Ava Maria)  - J.M.B.

"OMG, we love your art and thank you for giving us an exclusive preview to buy a piece! We would like you to suggest the best frame for it.  We want your vision from begging too end." (Ommpa Loumpa) - M.B. & M.B.

I like the slippery slope as it's not a bad thing but it's full of risk.  I like the oversized piece.  It's hard to keep a steady arm in bigger pieces.  You are a true artist with technique!" (Slip-N-Slide) - S.H.

"Thank you sooooooo very much for sharing your journey, your creations and your friendship with me... I wish you the best luck... I also wish I lived in New York just to witness and appreciate your talent.  Your paintings are absolutely stunning... I'm sure huge success and fame are just around the corner.  Bravo Paige...!!!" - N.S.